Techniques on Tuesday: Shaving Cream

By simply swirling two or three different colours of ink into shaving cream this technique gives you a beautiful marbled finish. This can then be used as a background piece or stamped on for a unique colour effect. I love how each piece turns out differently every time I play with this technique. It can … Continue reading Techniques on Tuesday: Shaving Cream

Freshly Brewed Projects: Water Colour Blocking

The inspiration for this Freshly Brewed Project is .... Water Colour Blocking This stamping technique is also known as clear block stamping. By using your clear blocks, ink and a water spritzer you can create some amazing and colourful watercolour wash backgrounds. Below I have two different ways you can create watercolour backgrounds for your … Continue reading Freshly Brewed Projects: Water Colour Blocking

Techniques on Tuesday: Using Bleach

There are many ways to use bleach but have you ever thought or seen it used in paper crafting. I would like to show you a couple of different ways to use bleach with your red rubber stamps and heat embossed images. This technique is one of those WOW techniques!!! You will be amazed at … Continue reading Techniques on Tuesday: Using Bleach