Techniques on Tuesday: Wax Paper Resist

This technique gives you a great background that will come out different every time. Using two pieces of glossy card stock at the same time you will get a positive and negative result. It is a background that can be used for any occasion.

Supplies that you will need: Glossy card stock, wax paper, iron, ink, sponges or brayer, stamps, paper towel and scrap paper.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Turn on your iron to heat up so that it is ready to go. Make sure that there is no steam. You will want it nice and hot.
  • Cut two pieces of glossy card stock the same size.
  • Tear off a piece of wax paper that is slightly bigger than your glossy card stock.
  • Scrunch the wax paper up into a ball and then flat it back out.
  • Create a sandwich with the wax paper in the middle and the two pieces of glossy card stock, making sure the glossy side is facing in.
  • taking a piece of folded scrap paper, wrap it around your wax paper sandwich
  • Now iron over your card stock. Make sure to keep the iron moving and not hold it in one spot for too long, you don’t want to scorch your card stock.
  • Open up and take away the wax paper. You will now have two wax patterns ready to add some colour.
  • Use spongers or a brayer to add colour to the glossy side.
  • When you have added the amount of colour that you want take a piece of paper towel and buff off the excess ink.
  • Your background is now ready to create with.

Variations for this technique

  • You can Stamp directly onto your wax paper resist background.
  • Maybe even punch out or die cut images from the background as well.

Demonstration of Wax Paper Resist

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