Techniques on Tuesday: Spiral Pop-Up

This technique is a quick easy wow that will put a smile on the face of any recipient. The cards that I have for you today are a couple that were created for my recent Family Fun Class.

Supplies that you will need: a circle shape approx 7cm either punched or die cut , glue dots, scissors and cardstock.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Take your circle and cut a spiral starting from the outside working your way into the middle.
  • Fold your card base in half.
  • Place a glue got on the top in the middle of your spiral.
  • Place a glue dot underneath on the tail end of your spiral.
  • Carefully set your spiral down onto your opened card base and then close the card onto the spiral. When you open it up you will have your spiral pop up.
  • Now it is time to decorate. Using more glue dots attach your shapes, be it butterflies, flowers or even bats. TIP: make sure you check that the shape that your are attaching to your spiral will not stick out of the card when you close it.
  • All that is left is to decorate the front and stamp a sentiment.

Variations for this technique

  • Use Vellum or Acetate (window sheets) to create an invisible spiral.

Demonstration of Spiral Pop-Up

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