Techniques on Tuesday: Faux Metal

By heating multiple layers of Metallic Embossing powder you can achieve the Faux Metal look and make your own embellishments and focal pieces for your projects.

Supplies that you will need: stamped image, metallic embossing powder, versa mark ink, heat tool, card stock.

Step by Step Instructions

  • This techniques uses a lot of embossing powder, so there is not too much wastage, make sure you cut your piece of card stock to the size you need for your stamped image.
  • Cover your piece of card stock with versa mark ink and sprinkle on a layer of embossing Powder and Heat.
One Layer Embossing Two Layers Embossing Three layers & stamped
  • Allow to cool and repeat this process two more times. You will need to have 3 layers of heated embossing powder so that it is thick enough to take your stamped image.
  • You will need to move fast once you have finished heating the 3rd layer. While it is still hot take a clean stamp and press into embossed piece of card stock. You might need to heat it up again before you do this if it cools to much.
  • Careful remove your stamp to reveal the impression it has left.
  • you can now add it to your project as it is.
Curvy Celebrations – sneak peek

TIP: If you find that it did not work you can reheat your piece and try again. Or you can add another layer of heated embossing powder then try again.

Variations for this technique

  • Punch out, die cut or even fussy cut out your piece of faux metal if you wish.

Demonstration of Faux Metal

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