Techniques on Tuesday: Shaving Cream

By simply swirling two or three different colours of ink into shaving cream this technique gives you a beautiful marbled finish. This can then be used as a background piece or stamped on for a unique colour effect. I love how each piece turns out differently every time I play with this technique. It can get a little messy so you might want to wear rubber gloves and lay down some scrap paper before you start. But it is a fun technique and I hope you have a try.

Supplies that you will need: tray, shaving cream, ink refills, spoon or stirring stick, paper towel, ruler, and card stock.

inked shaving cream
Shaving Cream technique as a background

Step by Step Instructions

  • Spray some shaving cream into your tray. You will want it about 1cm thick and a large enough area to cover your piece of card stock. Flatten it out a little with a spoon or stick.
  • Choose two or three different colours of ink refills. Place drops of each colour randomly onto the shaving cream. For this card I have used Balmy Blue, Highland Heather, & Misty Moonlight.
  • Using a spoon, swirl the colours around making a marbled pattern.
  • Take your piece of card stock, either thick card or glossy card works best, and press it into the coloured shaving cream.
  • Take out and place flat onto the table and take another piece of card stock and place directly on top so that you can get two prints at the same time.
  • Lift off the second piece of card stock and remove excess shaving cream with a ruler from both pieces and wipe of with a piece of paper towel.
  • NOTE: you will most likely have enough shaving cream and ink remaining to make more patterns. Just swirl the ink again and press another piece of card stock in and repeat the steps as above.
  • Let dry before creating your card or project.

Variations for this technique

  • Alternatively you can use the patterned paper you have created and stamp an image.
  • For this card I have used Crush Curry and Mango Melody ink refills.

Demonstration of using Shaving Cream

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