Techniques on Tuesday: Faux Stitching

This technique gives you the look of a stitched line or pattern on your card stock. Faux Stitching is a great way to add a little bit of texture to a project or provides an interesting border.

Supplies that you will need: Piercing tool and piercing mat, a piercing template and/or a ruler, and Stampin’ Write Markers.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Work out where you are going to do your Faux Stitching and what stitch pattern you are going to use.
  • Pierce the holes for your stitching either using a template or a ruler as a guide.
  • For a running stitch you only need a single row.
  • For a cross stitch you will need two rows of holes.
  • Once you have the holes pierced you can draw in your stitches from one hole to the next. I like to use the fine tip of the marker to do this.

Variations for this technique

  • You can create a number of different stitches by the way you pierce the holes and draw the lines.
  • You can even just free hand draw the stitches.
  • You can also use die shapes that have a stitched imprinted pattern around the border. This can be left blank or you can draw a stitched line around it.

Demonstration of Faux Stitching

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Under My Umbrella Bundle (English)

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