Techniques on Tuesday: Inking Embossing Folders

By adding a little ink to your embossing folder before running it through the embossing machine you are able to come up with some very interesting backgrounds for your cards and paper crafting. Either side of the embossing folder will work, but I tend to use the smoother side more often. Let me show you how.

Supplies that you will need: embossing folder, embossing machine, ink, rubber brayer and card stock.

Step by Step Instructions

  • First choose the embossing folder you wish to use.
  • Decide which side of the folder you want to use. NOTE: You might want to ink up both sides of your embossing folder and run it through your embossing machine to see what pattern you get before you decide which side to use.
  • Time to add the ink. If you are using a rubber brayer to apply ink remember to roll the brayer in one direction when inking to prevent getting lines on your work. If using a spot ink pad use a gentle touch so you only apply ink to the raised images on your embossing folder.
  • Taking your piece of card stock, place it on the opposite side (un-inked side) of the embossing folder and carefully close the folder and run it through your embossing machine. To get a good transfer of ink you might want to run it through a couple of times.
  • Remove your card stock from the folder. You now have an amazing background to create your card.

Variations for this technique

  • You can also stamp images on your embossing folder as well as adding ink. For example in the card below, first I brayered the ink on the embossing folder, followed by stamping an image on the folder from the Winter Woods stamp set.

Demonstration of Inking Embossing Folders

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