Techniques on Tuesday: Camouflage Background

This technique gives you a unique finish every time and it is background that works well for masculine cards. You just need to be able to scrunch up a perfectly good piece of card stock.

Supplies you will need: light coloured card stock and 3 different coloured ink pads, stamps and embellishments to finish your card.

Step by Step Instructions

  • First cut your card stock to the size that you wish to have for your back ground. It is not so easy to cut to size after you have scrunched it a few times without accidentally tearing it.
  • Taking the lightest of your inks pads and using a light touch swipe it over the card stock to add a little colour.
  • Some of you might need to take a deep breath………………. Now take this piece of card stock and scrunch it up into a ball and then flatten it back out.
  • Take the next colour ink pad and gently swipe it over your flattened piece of card stock, the ink will pick up the raised edges from the scrunching.
  • Again take this piece of card stock and scrunch it up and flatten it back out.
  • Take the last colour ink pad and swipe over the flattened piece of card stock, this will pick up the new scrunch lines that you have given to it.
3 steps to a great background
  • I like to turn over the piece of card and flatten it using a bone folder before adhering it to the card.
  • Now your background piece is ready for you to create with.

Variations for this technique

  • Here I have used a different colour combinations to get a very different look.

Demonstration of Camouflage Background

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