Techniques on Tuesday: Faux Tearing

This technique is an old favourite of mine and gives the look of an extra layer without the layer. It amuses me that to create this faux torn edge you need to first make a torn edge. I hope you have a go at this quick and easy technique.

Supplies that you will need: copy or scrap paper bigger than your project, sponges, ink pads, card stock, and stamps to finish the card.

Step by Step Instructions

  • First you will need a piece of card stock cut to the size that you need.
  • Take your piece of copy paper and tear in half. Note: you can tear towards you or away from you but make sure it is an uneven tear, to create and interesting edge.
  • Use re-positional adhesive to secure your card stock to prevent it from moving.
  • Place the torn paper where you wish to have the sponged area on your card, you can also secure it with adhesive.
  • Holding the torn copy paper and card stock down firmly sponge your ink in a circular motion starting just on the torn edge. Sponge until you are happy with the colour intensity you are looking for.
  • Now finish by stamping a sentiment and embellishing.
  • You might like to look at the variations before you move the copy paper (see below).
  • Variations for this technique

While the torn edge copy paper is still in place you can stamp an image over the sponged area.

Or slightly move the torn edge about 2-3mm and re-sponge to give you more of a defined torn edge look.

Demonstration of Faux Tearing

Project Product List 

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