Techniques on Tuesday: Stamp Etching

This technique gives you a very subtle yet striking finish to your projects, created by Lydia Fiedler. It can be finished in a classic black and white look or you can add a little or a lot of colour. I love how quick and easy this Technique is and the subtle finish it gives your projects and cards.

Supplies that you will need: outline stamped image and a fine tip pen or sharp pencil, any colour..

Step by Step Instructions

  • First stamp your image on white card stock.
  • Using your fine tip marker start at the base of the image and making a flicking motion draw lines along the bottom and top of your image, in this case for each petal and leaf. Leave space in the middle to add dimension and shading.
  • For the petals that have a fold-over petal you might want to colour that part in solid adding depth and breaking up the petals.

Variations for this technique

  • You can stamp your image in a colour or even on coloured card stock. Here I have stamped in Terracotta Tile and Old Olive.
  • Use a different medium to add colour. Here I have used my watercolour pencils and Stampin’ Write Markers to make the fine lines with the same flicking motion.
  • Get a different look by using either a cross hatch design or a pointillism technique instead of the flicking line.

Demonstration of Stamped Etching –

Project Product List 

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