Techniques on Tuesday: Hot Glue Embossing

I’m always searching for new techniques. Here is a great technique called hot glue embossing that I found on Splitcoast Stampers, by Connie MacFarlane.

Hot Glue Embossing

This is a way to add an artistic panel to your project or card. For this technique you will need: watercolour paper, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, a piercing tool or something to drag through the hot glue, a heat tool, embossing powder, a bottle to spray water, ice cubes, a selection of dye reinkers & a paint palette, an aqua brush (or a paint brush and a container of water), a craft mat, and some paper towel.

Demonstration of Hot Glue Embossing

Step-by-Step Instructions

NOTE: make sure your glue gun is turned on and heating before you start this technique.

  • Cut your watercolour paper to the size you are needing for your project/card.
  • Draw lines across your paper with the hot glue and quickly using your piercing tool drag through the glue to make your pattern. Don’t worry about the little strings of glue they add to the pattern or will melt away when heat is added.
  • Warm up the glue pattern with your heat tool so that it is tacky.
  • Now cover with embossing powder (your choice of colour) removing any excess.
  • Heat your embossing powder.
  • Place a few drops of your chosen colours of reinker into your palette
  • spritz your paper with your water so it is quite wet and using either an aqua brush or paint brush and water dip into your reinker palette and add the colour to your hot glue design. Allow to dry naturally (it could take a few hours). If needed you can use paper towel to mop up some of the excess water to help speed up this process.
  • Once dry give your piece a buff with paper towel.
  • You might find it is a bit warped so cut a piece of card just a little smaller than your finished piece and adhere to the back to make it a little flatter.
  • Now you have a unique piece of art work to finish you card or project.


  • squeeze dollops of glue onto your watercolour paper and use an ice cube wrapped in paper towel to press down on your glue to form a flat disk. You can make them all different sizes.
  • Place a flat headed nail or maybe a shaped brad onto the ice to cool it down (stop it from sticking to the hot glue) and press into your hot glue to leave an imprint.
  • make an abstract pattern with the glue by moving the glue gun around.
  • Colour using Pigment Sprinkles instead of reinker.

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6 thoughts on “Techniques on Tuesday: Hot Glue Embossing

  1. Wow Debbie these are awesome, my favourite is the blue abstract one. I want to try these but have PHD’s ( projects half done) 😂 to do first.

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  2. Debbie, this technique looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it. Great video, good pace and easy to follow instructions. Thank you!


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